How to get the most out of your branding efforts?

Posted by Amir Shaikh on July 20, 2016

Every marketer always has this question somewhere back of his mind and tries to answers this with adding more efforts in his branding activities but getting most out of your branding efforts includes more than you have been doing till now.
Going back in the 80s and 90s, when internet and computers were not in the picture and all the businesses were heavily dependent on traditional marketing and advertising mediums. All that practises businesses used to get identified by audiences, to gain brand recall and ultimately to convert audiences into their customers. But none of these traditional modes of marketing and advertising were meant for small businesses as they were expensive and normally could have been executed with huge marketing budgets.
In today world, where almost everyone is online this makes sense that every business including the businesses that were left out in the race of advertising and marketing in the past 2-3 decades has a golden chance to get maximum exposure with a reasonably good marketing budget. Getting online doesn’t mean just having a website or just getting a PPC campaign running in AdWords, it’s more than that. Being online is all about using the existing online platform to reach out to your audiences with every possible medium be it social media, mobile app, interactive online games and more. Today, it’s not about spending more money for getting more out of your branding activities but it about spending the time to plan for a perfect and suitable campaign to get your audiences engaged with your marketing efforts. Engagement with customers and having interaction with your audiences makes your branding efforts count.
If you are trying to sell online don’t just go out and start selling your product but before that make your target audience understand your concept behind the product and explain to them why they need your product. Always try to get attention of your potential customers with free knowledge and proper explanation & guidance before selling because if you are just targeting to sell more you might be successful in selling to a customer once but you will not be able to retain that customer as you had never made effort to connect and interact with him.
Now go ahead and create a campaign for your brand and run that across all your online presence from website to social profiles to your offline marketing activities. Remember, if you want to sell, you can sell by creating a PPC campaign on AdWords and start spending huge money on the campaign but if want to get remembered in the mind of customers and want them to be brand loyal and want to retain them then you’ll have to dedicate some time to this and make a decision whether you can do this yourself or you can take help from any renowned and experienced digital marketing agency to make optimum use of your resources to get maximum gain from your marketing activities.
Be interactive and engaging in building long time relations with your customers.

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